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3 Day Complete Meal Package3 Day Complete Meal Package

3 Day Complete Meal Package

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We believe that everyone should have at least a 3 days supply of shelf stable, and preferably fully prepared, food on hand at all times. This is that and then some.

The 3 Day Complete Meal Package is filled with 19 of our favorite freeze-dried products, providing one person 3 meals and a snack each day for 3 days! All are fully prepared and ready to eat by adding water.

Breakfast, lunch & dinner plus a fruit snack for $25 per day! But honestly, there's more than enough food to go ahead and try some now.

The variety of meals in this box can be used for busy times when an already prepared meal can be a lifesaver. You can take them on the road with you or put together a quick & easy "had a busy day" or a late night meal.

Take to the cabin and store for hunting season or have all your meals already put together in one place for your next camping or hiking trip. Not to mention they're so quick & easy to prepare at camp or on the trail - just add water!

Best of all, you can use the 3 Day Complete Meal Package as a sampler to try a variety of our foods and to get to know just how fabulous our meals and products are. Once you try them, you're gonna want more!

However you decide to enjoy our 3 Day Complete Meal Package, relax - you've got food covered!



Whether it's a quick day trip with friends or an overnight adventure with the family, our freeze dried foods can go wherever you travel.


Head to the hunting camp or cabin with complete certainty, knowing that you've got plenty of freeze dried foods stored up safe & sound.


Hit the trails and take advantage of all nature has to offer while enjoying the many benefits of our freeze dried prepared meals and snacks.

Freeze Dried Skittles!

No, it's not survival food, but it is fun food at it's best. Everyone loves freeze-dried Skittles! Time to see what all the excitement is about!!