About Our Food

Fastgroup Foods IS NOT a big box, survival bucket, 30 day to 3 years food storage kind of place. We do each of our meals or food items one batch at a time. We are a veteran owned, small business kind of place.

Therefore, we have to let our clientele know up front that if you wish to order multiple items in larger numbers, it may take some time. We keep a limited amount of stock on hand and there is only so much that we can process in a week or a month's time. 

The good news is that freeze-dried foods have a very healthy shelf life of up to 25 years in most cases. So do not dismay if your packaging date is not absolutely current. This allows us to prepare ahead many of our entrees & meals so that we can get them out to you a lot faster.

As for the specifics on our food, we can assure you that we add no chemicals, preservatives or fillers during our processing. Remember that freeze-drying the food is the means of preserving the food! We may use items in our recipes that have already been processed (think dry pasta or rice), but whenever possible, we prefer to work with foods in their purest forms.

Most of our recipes are simple ingredients, put together & prepared with careful oversight. Several of our entrees include breakfast or Italian sausage that we grind ourselves, using only the best of ingredients, for a fresher, better taste. All of our recipes use our own in-house prepared stocks and sauces, made again from only simple ingredients, with no added salt.

Many of our individual foods are organic, such as fruits and vegetables and can be eaten as a healthy snack. These are marked as certified organic on the label.

Our meals or entrees are all good-sized portions once they are rehydrated and are made to be single servings - although if you're used to smaller portions, you may have to save the leftovers for lunch! Truth be told, our single serving is usually the equivalent to some other brands' double servings. We believe in feeding our customers right!

Feel free to compare our entrees with any other product on the market today. We strive to have a much better price point and use more of better and healthier ingredients. Most importantly, because of that, we certainly believe that we attain a hugely superior taste. Our meals taste great because we make sure they are.

An additional note on food storage:

We absolutely believe that every household should have or work towards having a minimum of 30 days supply of food on hand for emergencies. We live in a hurricane area & have had to evacuate on more than one occasion. It's nice to know that we can take what we need with us or have enough supplies to shelter in place without needing to run out & panic buy.

As time goes on, we will be implementing a variety of means that will help to make it easier for families to reach their own preparedness goals. We will be working toward making available different food bundles that will enable our customers to quickly put together an excellent supply of short-term food storage for any needs.

And finally, we want you to know, that as our customers, you are always uppermost in our minds in everything that we do. Please utilize our contact page if you have questions that we haven't addressed or suggestions that you would like to see us implement in the future.