Not to get carried away here with such a large selection of products, but seriously, there is so much you can do with freeze-dried foods!

Let your creative culinary self run wild with all of the possibilities!

You can crumble or crush up or add whole any of our vegetables or fruits to a salad, soup or even a casserole or pizza, as a crispy topping.

Speaking of pizza, any of our veggies (and fruit - think pineapple) can be kept on hand for a quick assortment of toppings for pizza. What a wonderful thing to never run out of!

Any of our sweet treats or fruits can be crushed up and sprinkled on top of ice cream or used whole when possible.

And let's not forget flavored popcorn or even vegetables with veggie or cheese powders or mixed with whole fruits, veggies or treats - yum!!

Freeze-dried fruit is always a welcome addition to any cooked or dry cereal. Some people have even utilized freeze-dried fruits & vegetable AS cereal, eaten with milk!

And finally, we have our specially prepared line of freeze-dried items for toppings, such as cornbread croutons or grilled cheese sandwich cubes for soups, stews and even salads!

We've got you covered (literally) with all of our different topping combos!

So don't be shy - pick a product or two & try them out in different ways & see what kind of culinary creations you can come up with!

P.S. Got an idea you'd like to try as a topping? Let us know & we'll see what we can do!